Alexander Everett Was Arguably The Greatest Spiritual Master Of The Twentieth Century And Known By Many As 'The Father Of The Personal Growth/Human Development Movement' Which Began In The 1960's. In This Rare Recording Of Alexander's Last 6 Day Workshop Before His Passing, He Will Show You The Path To True Enlightenment, Peace Of Mind And A New Awareness Of The Universe!”


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Dear Friend,


Have you ever taken a good hard look at your life and said to yourself, “There has to be more?”


Do you feel unsatisfied or spiritually empty, but can’t figure out how to find true fulfillment?


Perhaps you know that you aren’t living up to your full potential, but can’t figure out why?


If so, what I am about to tell you may be the most important message you will ever read. In fact, the secrets that I am about to reveal may change your life for the better, while helping you build a better relationship with the Divine, the universe and yourself.


The truth is that many of us feel empty, unsatisfied and insecure because we have not reached a true understanding of the Cosmic Consciousness. This leaves us adrift in the world, randomly moving from event to event like a boat without an anchor.


“You Can Learn The Secret Teachings From One Of The Most Powerful Spiritual Teachers Of Our Time… Start Living A Better Life Now!”


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Entering Consciousness
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World of Illusion
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Achieving Peace 
on Earth

The good news is that Spiritual Master Alexander Everett discovered the secrets of how to connect with Cosmic Consciousness - and I am about to show you how you can take advantage of his deep knowledge and start living a better, more fulfilling life.


You see when Everett turned 80 years old he decided to share his spiritual guidance with the world during a six day spiritual seminar. Thanks to the power of Adobe Acrobat .PDF AudioBook technology you can listen to the entire six day seminar - AS IF YOU WERE THERE - at your own pace in the privacy of your own home.



All you need to take advantage of this incredible teaching on Cosmic Consciousness is a recent version of Adobe Acrobat Reader and headphones for your computer, laptop, PDA, or even smartphone!


“Let Me Tell You The Story Of Our Spiritual Master Alexander Everett And How He Discovered The Secrets Of The Cosmic Consciousness!”


While many people understand the basic human desire to find inner peace and a deeper spiritual awareness, I know that most of you have never heard of Alexander Everett.


After all, he is hardly a household name - and if he was we would certainly be living in a much more peaceful world!


That’s why I’d like to take a few minutes - before I provide you the full details of this incredible Six Day AudioBook Seminar on Cosmic Consciousness - to tell you a little bit about Alexander Everett’s life.


Our late teacher was born in England more than 80 years ago. During his long life, Alexander Everett achieved many of his worldly goals - including founding and running successful prep schools in England and amassing a personal fortune of more than $1 million when money was worth something.


Yet, even though he was born into privilege, he knew that there was more to life than professional and financial success.


“Alexander Everett Became The Teacher Of Teachers With The Power Of Mind Dynamics And Become Known Worldwide As The Father Of The Human Potential Movement!”


In 1962 Mr. Everett set out to America in hopes of learning the secrets of the universe. At first he settled in Texas as an assistant headmaster but before long he developed his first set of spiritual teachings - Mind Dynamics.


By the 1970s Mind Dynamics had become an international sensation and people began referring to Alexander Everett as “the teacher of teachers.”


The people who studied Mind Dynamics under Alexander later started their own personal empowerment centers including Context Training, Lifespring, Lifestream, Landmark Education, Psi World, Personal Dynamics of Switzerland, Life Dynamics of Japan and many more in Australia, South Africa, Italy and all over the world.


“Soon Alexander Everett Knew That He Needed To Travel The World In Search Of The Greatest Spiritual Secrets - This Is How He Found The Power Of The Cosmic Consciousness!”


As Mind Dynamics swept the world Mr. Everett decided he needed to seek out the greatest spiritual leaders and masters of his time in order to find out as much as he could about the power of the universe.


Everett became a leading Unity Minister and submerged himself in Eastern Spiritual Traditions. It was during this time that Everett learned how to use the power of the mind to change the world.


When he returned to the West, Everett began teaching Success Dynamics. In 1977, he created the popular Inward Bound seminars. Everett also became the creator and teacher of the annually held Love, Life & Light program.


The .PDF AudioBook Cosmic Consciousness you are about to download completes Alexander Everett’s life’s legacy of spiritual mentoring and is the culmination of his path toward full spiritual enlightenment.


Now it can be yours and help you find the way to true inner peace and spiritual satisfaction in the privacy of your own home!


“Alexander Everett Will Explain The Secrets Of Cosmic Consciousness In Simple Terms That Anyone Can Understand So That You Can Find True Happiness And Inner Peace In Your Life!”


One of the main challenges of many forms of spiritual teaching is that the most important life lessons can seem too complicated and only really accessible to a select group of people.


Alexander Everett understood this challenge and decided that his teachings would be different. He used his experience as a headmaster to craft his path to Cosmic Consciousness in ways that anyone could easily understand.


That’s why when you listen to the Cosmic Consciousness AudioBook you will hear Mr. Everett explain his spiritual vision in easy to understand terms, with the help of illuminating stories and exercises and Beautiful color graphics and notes that not only help you understand his vision, but also show you how to put his spiritual understanding to work in your own life - so that you can experience the spiritual awakening you deserve!


“Now Let Me Tell You Exactly What You Will Learn When You Download Cosmic Consciousness And Start On Your Path To Inner Peace And True Spiritual Awareness Today!”


The Cosmic Consciousness AudioBook is a talking e-book created from Alexander Everett’s six day seminar in Oregon in 2001. It takes you day by day and step by step through all of Mr. Everett’s amazing life lessons with each of his handouts reproduced in full color along with high quality .mp3 audio segments in an optimal learning environment.


During more than 20 hours of audios of his spiritual and life lessons, Alexander Everett will teach you many of the paths to true realization and how to achieve the full potential of your life including:


   How to be centered in your Soul so you can receive true life guidance.

   Ways to find the power that exists within yourself.

   The best ways to use Alexander Everett’s practical exercises to improve your spiritual and physical life.

   The secrets of your true Divine, God-like nature.

   How you can best be of service to the world.

   The power revealed by spiritual masters and ancient texts.

   How to find illumination beyond enlightenment and truly connect with the cosmic consciousness.

   The best ways to communicate with the Divine intelligence or God.

   How the power of thought can be a true force of change within the universe.

   Secrets of the Bible and other Sacred writings.

   The Love, Life and Light Trinity.

   The 12 Powers Of Man.

   The Hermetica and Hermes’ greatest teachings.

   Cosmic breath and cosmic breathing.

   How true prayer works and how to really pray!

   The four states of consciousness.

   The messages of Krishna, Moses, Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed and Whitman.

   The mystery schools in the Book of Revelation.

   And much, much more!


To be honest, there is not enough room on this page for me to explain all of the wondrous teachings and infinite wisdom that Alexander Everett will share with you during this incredible six day seminar.


What I can tell you is that practically everyone who attended this seminar saw their lives change for the better after experiencing Alexander Everett’s great wisdom.


Now you can experience these powerful teachings in your own home - just like you were at the original 2001 seminar when you download the Cosmic Consciousness .PDF AudioBook!


“Do Not Download Cosmic Consciousness Unless You Are Ready To Change Your Life For The Better - And Are Ready To Gain The Deepest Understanding Of The Spiritual World!”


The sad truth is that while many of us claim to be searching for a better life and greater spiritual understanding, some people are quite simply not ready to do the hard work and Soul searching that is necessary for any true enlightenment.


Those people know that there is something missing in their lives, but are too lazy or complacent to do anything about it - even if they are shown the true path to Cosmic Consciousness.


Others are simply afraid of the truth, and would rather stay unfulfilled in the circle of denial they have created around their own life.


If you are one of these people, please do not receive this incredible AudioBook - it can’t help you if you are not ready to hear Alexander Everett’s great knowledge and apply it to your own life.


On the other hand, if you have reached the point where you know that you need to take action and are ready to do what it takes to achieve your true potential then I urge you to consider what some of Alexander Everett’s students have said about his amazing life lessons:


     “What an honor to be there… For me, knowing the impact that Alexander has had on my life… I could not think of a more enriching gift…”




     “I just finished Alexander Everett's retreat and it was very powerful… He gave us all of his most important teachings so that we can teach it to others… I walked away with a deeper connection and conscious awareness, and my spirituality deepened in a profound way…”




     “Alexander’s teachings clarified mountains of confusion I have had around the history of the world and the role of spirituality and religions… He has brought together in one place all of the wisdom of the ages…”




This is just a small sample of what people are saying about Alexander Everett’s 6 day seminar on Cosmic Consciousness. And now for a fraction of the price you can experience it too!


If you are truly ready to find spiritual fulfillment, connect with the infinite knowing of the universe called Cosmic Consciousness and live a better life, you need to download this amazing .PDF AudioBook today!


My one and only goal in making this incredible Cosmic Consciousness AudioBook available is to help you experience your true life purpose and live your life to your fullest potential.


“Today Is The Day To Step Into Cosmic Consciousness And Experience True Inner Peace And Live The Life You Deserve! Unleash Your Full Potential Today!”


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What are you waiting for?


Every day you put off experiencing the incredible AudioBook Cosmic Consciousness is a day that you are not living your life to your fullest.


Aren’t you tired of wandering aimlessly through the desert, knowing that a better and more spiritual life is out there - yet find yourself doing nothing to bring yourself back to the true path?


When you download the .PDF AudioBook Cosmic Consciousness today you will learn:


   How to develop a powerful sense of intuition.

   The true meaning of enlightenment.

   The secrets of manifesting life options that other people can only dream of.

   And much, much more…


If you are really ready to change your life for the better, I urge you to download Cosmic Consciousness now and start experiencing the wisdom of the teacher of teachers, Alexander Everett.


I am confident you will find what you have been looking for.


Thank you,


Allen David Reed
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P.S.   Remember, you risk losing the chance to live a better life if you don’t receive Cosmic Consciousness today!


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